Know Your Legal Rights

Everyday thousands of people are personally injured in numerous ways. The leading causes of these injuries are vehicle accidents, falls, dangerous products, and sports injuries. In many of these cases, the injuries cause devastating physical, emotional, and financial ramifications to not only the person harmed but also his or her family members. After an injury occurs, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so you can learn what your legal rights are. This early contact provides your attorney the opportunity to preserve any necessary evidence, photograph scenes if necessary and interview any witnesses while their recollection of the events are fresh in their minds.

It is also important to know that no one other than you and your attorney will be acting to protect your interests. The driver that hit you, the manufacturer that placed the defective product into the marketplace that harmed you, the owner of the property with the dangerous condition that caused you to fall, and their insurance companies will immediately be doing all they can to defeat or minimize your claim for injuries. The immediate retention of an attorney will help level the playing field with respect to all these issues.