Attorney Referrals

Sickels, Frei and Mims is your determined partner for justice.

We partner with clients. And, we partner with attorneys. We are proud that many of our cases come to Sickels, Frei and Mims from other lawyers. A proven track record of success, exceptional trial experience and a commitment to the highest standards of our profession have earned Sickels, Frei and Mims the trust of referring attorneys.

While our attorneys are known for consistent courtroom success, it is our experience and dedication to exhaustive preparation which has returned just verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

When you refer your case to Sickels, Frei and Mims, we take extraordinary measures to evaluate the merits of the case. We treat our clients, and referring attorneys, with respect and only accept those cases which we believe can be successful. Sharing of fees is permissible in Virginia and we are accustomed to developing agreeable terms with our referring attorneys.

Take a look through our Case Files and our Attorney Profiles to assess how we can help you and your client. Contact any one of the partners to discuss your case or to set up a consultation.